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Re: Network Associates' KRA Partner status

Somebody said in response to my quoting the message from KRA to
Dave Del Torto:
> The membership applications they are referring to may just be the
> paperwork needed to officially transfer the membership from TIS to NAI.
> This would represent NAI's decision to continue to be a member of the
> KRA but would not be a matter of joining anew; rather it would maintain
> the existing relationship inherited from TIS.

Whether or not KRA had a legal existence at the time NAI withdrew from
it, my main points (and yours, assuming you're the same Somebody as
before) still stand.  NAI did announce after the PGP acquisition that
they were withdrawing from KRA, whatever its legal status at the time,
and they did take explicit action to join, rejoin, or transfer TIS's
membership to themselves.  It was <not> simply a passive acquisition of
the TIS membership as a result of absorbing TIS.

Our points of difference seem to be much smaller than our agreements,
and the recent Schneier article doesn't appear to match this version
of history.

	Jim Gillogly
	26 Foreyule S.R. 1998, 21:29, 5 Cauac 12 Mac, Ninth Lord of Night