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Open Letter To William Klinton (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 16:30:55 -0600 (CST)

Dear Mr. Klinton,

	Your actions in bombing Bagdad, *solely* to distract from your own
impeachment problems, is a Stalin-like crime against humanity.  I am
*astounded* that you are willing to throw away the lives of innocent
people in your attempt to hold your [so often abused] power. 

	Impeachment is no longer enough: only assasination could hope to
bring Justice to the world at this point.

	I fervently pray that some heroic man or woman will have the
courage and moral standing to answer the call and end your miserable Nazi
existence, and once again allow us to hold our heads up when announcing
that we are an American citizen.  Right now, I am totally ashamed: of you,
of the Country for allowing you to get to this point, of the system of
putrid politicians that allows you to stay in an office which allows you
to maim and murder in such a wanton and capricious manner.  In short, I am
ashamed of my citizenship. 

J.A. Terranson
[email protected]

If Governments really want us to behave like civilized human beings, they
should give serious consideration towards setting a better example:
Ruling by force, rather than consensus; the unrestrained application of
unjust laws (which the victim-populations were never allowed input on in
the first place); the State policy of justice only for the rich and 
elected; the intentional abuse and occassionally destruction of entire
populations merely to distract an already apathetic and numb electorate...
This type of demogoguery must surely wipe out the fascist United States
as surely as it wiped out the fascist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The views expressed here are mine, and NOT those of my employers,
associates, or others.  Besides, if it *were* the opinion of all of
those people, I doubt there would be a problem to bitch about in the
first place...