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Re: Clinton Attacks Iraq

Eric Cordian wrote:

> Looks like Bubba has launched a massive strike on Iraq to draw attention
> from his cocksucking problems.

No, I blame his irritability on lack of nookie. Unable to get his his willy
slick of late, it's not surprising he needs to kick the dog, or lob some
ordinance into the backyard of the middle eastern assholes nextdoor. Maybe
if he gets drunk enough he'll take some pot shots... Yeehaa!

Bush had an overactive thyroid (fighting wars from speedboats), Clinton had
an overactive, but recently unrequited cock (fighting wars from the woodshed
while being impeached). The truth is this is a war that must be fought no
matter what clown is in the White House.

The hard fact is Iraq is of the utmost geopolitical importance, it's on the
agenda, and to hell with fellatio inspired impeachment. In a word,
everything's come to a head. Saddam's a target, his demonization by the
western press has been thorough. This is a test of our resources to target
one man, a superpower against one man, there is no God. Gunboat diplomacy my
good man, gunboat diplomacy.