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>     RIAA's Encypted Music-Working with defense contractors? The Internet
>    Posted by Hemos on Friday December 18, @08:32AM
>    from the things-that-make-you-go-hmm dept.
>    Tom Holroyd passed along some interesting pieces of information from
>    Eric S Arnum's recent piece over at SonicNet. Many of you saw that the
>    RIAA has decided to lauch their Secure Digital Music Initiative
>    (SDMI). Well, that's not so interesting on it's own, but their choice
>    of company is. It's a subsidary of SAIC, a privately held company that
>    does work in secure defense commnuications. The company (SAIC) has
>    worked with the CIA, NSA, and Navy, amongst others. Click below for
>    the full story.
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>     Wassenaar agreement not to apply to free software? Encryption Posted
>    by sengan on Thursday December 17, @04:53PM
>    from the eh? dept.
>    The Free Software Foundation states that the Wassenaar agreement does
>    not apply to free-software. It'd be nice to know why. Is this a
>    provision for research, or some sort of loophole? Link countesy of
>    Linux Today.
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