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A new report on national security, titled "CyberCrime, CyberTerrorism and
CyberWarfare," calls for a complete overhaul of U.S. national security
agencies and policies in order to avoid crippling sabotage of the nation's
and corporate America's information infrastructure.  The report, which is
the product of the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Global
Organized Crime project headed up by former FBI and CIA director William
Webster, chronicles the results of a recent joint chief of staff exercise
code-named "Eligible Receiver."  The exercise involved a group of security
experts, known as a "red team," that used software widely available from
cracker Web sites to demonstrate the capability to penetrate and disable
major portions of the U.S. electric power grid and deny computer systems to
the entire Pacific military command and control operation.  The report
recommends the establishment of private sector-organized groups that would
evaluate and endorse information security standards in various industries,
coupled with increased government support for such efforts and the
development of a national security policy for the Information Revolution.
"The private sector cannot sit back and wait for government to lead," says
Sen. Charles Robb (D-Va.), a member of the Senate Select Committee on
Intelligence.  (InternetWeek 16 Dec 98)

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