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RE: FCPUNX:Clinton Attacks Iraq

>  From     : Frederick Burroughs <[email protected]>
>  Subj     : Clinton Attacks Iraq
>  Date     : Wed, 16 Dec 1998 21:13:10 -0500
> Eric Cordian wrote:
> > Looks like Bubba has launched a massive strike on Iraq to draw attention
> > from his cocksucking problems.
> No, I blame his irritability on lack of nookie. Unable to get his 
> his willy
> slick of late, it's not surprising he needs to kick the dog, or lob some
> ordinance into the backyard of the middle eastern assholes nextdoor. Maybe
> if he gets drunk enough he'll take some pot shots... Yeehaa!

Caught between Iraq and a hard-one?

Perhaps would should allow our elected officials to keep concubines. After all, no man is going to end the world on a crappy Monday morning if there a chance of getting some that night. I'm willing to bet that the money used to launch one cruise missile could support keeping a group of well funded presidential concubines around for the duration of his eight year presidency.