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Re: Anthrax Theatre

>At 9:17 PM -0800 12/19/98, Anonymous wrote:
>>The FBI is in between a rock and a hard-on here.
>>If anthrax spores really had been released into those air ducts, it could
>>potentially infect anyone in the building. They can't very well let these
>>people walk out when they might be carriers of antrax. That's the power of
>>bioweapons: Infect a bunch of people and they do the work of spreading it
>>for you.
>This is not how anthrax spreads. Communicability between humans is nearly

If this is true, we've caught the media in yet another lie. The media likes
to paint the picture that anthrax can be released in an airport and spread
to all corners of the country in a matter of hours.

Typical of the media. Shame on me for accessing anything they've shoved down
my throat. :)