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Re: CyberScam

Actually ward doesnt claim to have invented the first BBS
he used to claim he had invented the first microcomputer based BBS(
And that he did I used to run his software in chicago about a week after its 
initial releas on a pmmi-103?? modem(300 baud)....I wondered what ever
happened to ward... Modem7 was a GOOD protocol at the time ...
aonly to be supplanted by first ymodem then zmodem from chuck forsberg...
P.s. I used to play on the plato system also(its official charter at the
time was limited to educators and Comp-sci typs (of which I was the later)
Plato was GREAT for multiplayer games like "intergalactic conflict",(memory is
poor here)... BTW why Plato had  a messaging system of sorts it is
GREATLY stretching it to call it a BBS...

      n OLD fart