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Re: NSA Org Chart

Interestingly, the export control liason is not on the chart.  Perhaps 
this is a result of Whit pointing out in his book* that it was G2033,
an intelligence group.  One of its roles was to collect information to 
help other groups understand the technology they were looking at.

*Privacy on the Line, with Susan Landau, 1998.  If you haven't read
it, do.  I found it quite worthwhile and enjoyable.  Most cypherpunks
will already be familiar with most of whats there, but the footnotes
and asides are wonderful, and its a good compendium and overview.


On Fri, Dec 18, 1998 at 10:47:05AM -0500, John Young wrote:
| Thanks to Defense Information and Electronics Report
| we offer NSA's organizational chart, which was obtained
| by DI&ER under the FOIA:
|    http://jya.com/nsa-chart.htm

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