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In addition:

You shall inform your local party representative (lpr) of all journeys to
be made and the purpose
thereof.  Only the guilty will wish to conceal their movements.

You shall also inform your lpr on any deviation from the registered
journey.  The innocent have
nothing to hide.

You shall share all personal information about yourself including bank
access codes and all
passwords.  You do trust The Party don't you?

Failure to comply with any regulation shall incure a with-holding of all
bodily functions order.
Compliance is entirely volentary.  Assistance with complience can be found
in you local
Yellow Pages or other business directory under Surgery, lobotomy or
Political Party, Membership.

Long life to the Party, slow and painful death to all who oppose us.
Resistance is useless.
You want a secure and happy life don't you?

Anonymous <[email protected]> on 21/12/98 13:29:50

To:   [email protected]
cc:    (bcc: Richard Bragg/UK/SSA_EUROPE)

The Ministry of Information announces the following:

In order to ensure domestic tranquility and the maximum
protection of human rights by reducing crimes against humanity,
be it enacted that

- There shall be no whispering in public; you should have nothing
to hide unless you are a criminal

- You may not walk or gather in groups of two or more; such gathering
is an indication that you may be conspiring to commit some illegal act

- You may not have locks on your house; you should have nothing that you
are keeping from the collective

- You are not to draw the blinds or curtains in your house; law-abiding
citizens have nothing to hide

- All future voting will be by voice vote before the General Assembly; you
will also proclaim your support for the Party before casting your vote

- You will not think.  Free thought is for those that conspire against the
righteous government

- You will not associate with the Cypherpunks; they are enemies of those
would oppress you