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Re: Question about 'TEMPEST': UPS

At 09:39 AM 12/23/98 -0600, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
>Just curious, if a computer is connected to the electric power through a UPS,
>does that reduce emissions leaked into the electrical system?:wq

It should probably reduce them a bit, depending on your UPS design,
but if you have to worry about people monitoring your electricity
for contraband bits, you've got a whole raft of other things
you'd better start taking care of, like disk encryption and
offsite backups and signs on the door indicating that you
will or will not shoot at police if they do or do not have warrants....

The converse is that if you've got an electrical filtering system
as part of your TEMPEST protection, whether it's in your computer's
power supply or separate or both, you tend to have really nice
clean power feeding your computer, which is a Good Thing.

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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