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Re: Koop's Crypto Law Survey updated - v. 14.1 (FW)

At 1:02 PM -0500 12/23/98, Vin McLellan wrote:
>From: "Bert-Jaap Koops" <[email protected]>
>Organization: Tilburg University
>Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 16:04:37 MET
>Subject: Crypto Law Survey updated - version 14.1
>I have updated my Crypto Law Survey to version 14.1.
>Wassenaar Arrangement (December 1998 changes)
>China (no use restrictions)

	I think this should read "No written legal restrictions" as the
government there seems to change ANY speech related restrictions on a whim.

	Bloody facists.
"To sum up: The entire structure of antitrust statutes in this country is a
jumble of economic irrationality and ignorance. It is a product: (a) of a
gross misinterpretation of history, and (b) of rather na´ve, and certainly
unrealistic, economic theories." Alan Greenspan, "Anti-trust"

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