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Merry Christmas from <Somewhere>

Now, *this* is curious...

Anyone, especially from C2NET, wanna take a shot at the following?

I think I can tell him what CTO means ;-), but what about the rest?

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From: Somebody
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Merry Christmas from <Somewhere>
Date: <would actually tell you where they were...>
Status: U

Dear Rob Hettinga 
Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 
Hi, my name is <Somebody>
I hope you remember me from FC98. 
I am trying to find out what is happening with C2net.
I heard a rumor that C2net had corporate restructuring and Sameer quit
CEO and became CTO.  What is CTO anyway?
Also, there was a rumor that someone who was in charge of the development
of the SSL
in Australia quit working for C2net.
Does this have to do with Sameer's announcement of the OpenSSL project? 
I really need to know this.  Please reply to my e-mail if you know anything
about it.
Thank you. 
<Somebody's .sig>

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