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A new computer virus that attacked 10 MCI Worldcom networks last week is
capable of spreading throughout computer networks and scrambling the
documents on those networks as it goes.  "We've never seen anything this
sophisticated in 10 years of doing this," says Network Associates' general
manager of network security.  "This is a completely new strain of virus and
the first we've seen that propagates itself with no user interaction."  The
"Remote Explorer" virus runs on Microsoft Windows NT servers and affects
common programs like Microsoft Word.  Users clicking on their Word icon
might experience a slight delay, but otherwise would be unable to detect
the presence of the virus;  meanwhile, the virus is busy corrupting files and
spreading to other programs.  Microsoft officials say they're "aware of
other viruses that have the same characteristics," and Network Associates
says it has developed a Remote Explorer detector and is working on a
solution to decode the affected files.  

(Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 98)

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