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Norway - go to jail for naming baby illegal [CNN]

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> Mother of 14 jailed for violating Norway's baby-name law
>    December 23, 1998
>    Web posted at: 9:52 AM EST (1452 GMT)
>    OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A mother of 14 was jailed this week because she
>    refused to change the name she picked for her young son, even though
>    that violated Norway's name law.
>    Kirsti Larsen, 46, told the Verdens Gang newspaper that she named her
>    son Gesher after she dreamed the child should be named "bridge."
>    Gesher means bridge in Hebrew.
>    Norway has strict laws regulating names, including lists of acceptable
>    first and last names. In 1995, Larsen tried to register her son's name
>    as Gesher at her local county office, which rejected the choice as
>    illegal.

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