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The Sanarchist Cookbook

Known as the world most forbidden information source and outlawed in many
nations this book was thought to be banished from the face of the Earth.

220 pages of the massive book of Anarchy 

Learn the tricks of the trade written by the skilled hands of the Sanarchist.
Including massive amounts of information on building home made weapons like
the potato shooter to making dollar bills that can be used continuously in
coke machines this book can pull you out of any jam.  If you are interested in
those great WWII bomb guides & handbooks this thing has them all!

We are set out to distribute this book to anyone that is interested and it
comes by mail(sorry we can't post it on the web because no web server will
support us).  

We have been selling this product for almost two months now and have processed
hundreds of orders.  This book is great, we have had no complaints on it, and
we will never have any complaints on it its so good.  If this is the only
product you ever order off the Internet then you have picked a good choice.
Our price is low and the product is great!

Send payment of $7.50 to the address below to receive your cookbook by mail.

K.C. Smith
P.O. Box 9141
Evansville, IN 47724

Questions/Comments or to be removed: [email protected]!

We will remove your RIGHT AWAY!  We got your email address from
I am giving you my address and information so clearly this is not a sick
scheme to take your money. 
Expect 3-7 Days to Receive your cookbook.