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Sammerseers Theft of Ben lauries Intellectual Property(i.e.apache

To: [email protected]
Subject: Sameers ande C2 Nets Appropriation of Apache-SSL(Bens Code)

For the clueless or history deficient

C2 gots its start by purloining without compensation
Ben Lauries Apache-SSL patches.... Sameer used these and then
had the fucking gall to remove source from apache-ssl
for the mod_ssl.c... all was rosy until Ralf releases
a mod_ssl.c of his design... result??
C2's business worlwide took a nose dive...(layoffs etc)
so now Sameer is trying to coopt Ralf's mod_ssl.c project
(mark my words if Sameer gets his way the source for future
verions will NOT be available no matter what he says now...)
I seen it happen once so now when the litte sob trys it
again I am blowing the whistle...(and retelling history openly)
how about it Sameer are you now going to Sue the Mix network:) ?

    the turds in Sameers Swimming pool
p.s. to the clueless Jim Finder..Happy now asshole...?
BTW I will post when and where I feel like !