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Re: I want to spam the Jury Duty information

If you wanted to be sure the remailers were full of something else while
you sent something anon and sensitive, it might make good camoflage for the
other. Besides the public service announcement.

Someone addressed reliability of remailers with the ability of watchers to
retrace a particular post and tied it to the volume of SPAM currently
traveling through the same box. In a nutshell, the more SPAM being
transmitted, the more difficult it is/would be to retrace any one
particular email. 
Is there a decent retelling of this anywhere, or has anyone found or
authored additional information on it???

At 05:07 PM 12/24/98 +0100, Anonymous wrote:
>I think about putting up about $200 or so (whetever a decent spamming 
>will cost me) and spam the internet with the information about jurors
>rights and jury nullification.
>Anyone thinks that it is a good idea?