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Are You Doing This ?

Would You Put 2 Stamps On An Envelope...
That Only Needed 1 ?

Are You Paying More Than You Have To...
For Long Distance & Phone Services ???

We Offer 1st Class Fiber-Optic Phone Services
>From Major Carriers - At Group Discount Rates !

*8.9 Cents/Min (24 Hours/Day) (Even Lower-See Below)
*Receive 30 Minutes Of F-R-E-E Calling For Signing Up 
*6 Second Billing (Saves 20% More)
*NO Sign-Up Fees
*NO Monthly Billing Fees
*NO Minimum Usage
*No Gimmicks

Toll-Free Numbers Are Also Only 8.9 Cents/Min
With 6 Second Billing & No Set-Up/Transfer Fee

Callings Cards - Just 14.9 Cents/Min 
6 Second Billing - NO " Bong " Charges 


Get 30 Minutes Of FREE Calling For EACH Person 
That You Refer Who Signs Up For Service. Refer
3 People Who Sign Up And YOUR Rate Lowers To:


EVERYONE That You Refer, Who Signs Up For Service, 
ALSO Gets 30 Minutes Of FREE Calling !

Get Your Final Cost Per Minute Down To 5 Cents/Min,
3 Cents/Min, Even Down To ZERO - With Our Referral
Program - It's Totally FREE To You & The People That
You Refer !

When We Get A Lower Rate - YOUR Rate Goes DOWN
A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y. Unlike Other Carriers, Our
Prices Have NEVER Gone Up - Only Down - And They
Continue To Do So !

Call Us Today For More Info - Or To Sign Up !



10 AM - 10 PM

P. S. 

We Receive Hundreds Of Calls Per Day. If Lines 
Are Busy - Keep Trying. This Is An Information
And Sign-Up Line.If You Sign-Up For The Service,
You Will Have The Direct Toll-Free Numbers For 
Our Customer Service & Billing Departments.