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I want to spam the Jury Duty information

>Well if you are going to go to the trouble and expense, then you
>should also put something in there to educate the masses about
>how to use crypto to protect themselves, and why this is a good

And while we're being hypocritical and stealing (oh, it's okay because it's
for "education"), maybe we ought to educate about why spam is bad, and how
crypto may help end spam.

Right. About the only thing you people are going to accomplish is to
alienate anybody who might care what you have to say. While you're spamming,
maybe you can even make the Cypherpunks look really bad. Hell, go ahead and
put the list address as the "From" address. It will shut down the list, make
us look like idiots, and accomplish very little, but it's for a good cause.

After all, the ends always justify the means. When the USG wants to storm
your home with a squad of ninjas, that's okay, so long as they're checking
for drugs or other evil things. Since it will keep us all safe, let's
eliminate privacy rights.

The idea of spamming for "educational purposes" is the most obscene and
stupid I've heard on this list in a while. Both of you read "The Prince" one
too many times.