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Anthrax Theatre II

Performances of the award-winning "Anthrax Theatre" continue across
the nation.  Innovative variations on the original script are being
demonstrated to test audiences, including stripping 200 Mervyn's
shoppers naked, and forcing them to rinse themselves with laundry
POMONA, Calif. (AP) -- Hundreds of people were quarantined for hours
inside a nightclub after a phony anthrax threat, at least the seventh
such hoax in Southern California this month.
No trace of the potentially deadly bacterium was found in preliminary
tests, authorities said Sunday.
A Los Angeles County hazardous materials team and the FBI's Domestic
Terrorism Task Force were called to the Glass House club at 11:50 p.m.
Saturday after a man called the Police Department and said ``a
significant quantity'' of anthrax would be released into the air,
police Lt. Gary Graham said.
If inhaled and then left untreated, anthrax spores can cause
respiratory failure and death within a week.
About 800 people were kept inside the club for about four hours while
the air-conditioning system was checked and samples taken for further
study, Graham said.
Clubgoers then were taken outside and given information on anthrax
symptoms. They were then allowed to return to the club if they wished.
Authorities had not immediately determined whether the threat was
related to six others since the middle of the month. In each case, no
evidence of anthrax was found:
--On Dec. 14, a secretary at the Perris School District in Riverside
County opened a letter that said, ``you've been exposed to anthrax.''
About 20 people were isolated and decontaminated.
--On Dec. 17, an office building in the Westwood area of Los Angeles
received a letter threatening exposure to anthrax. Nearly two dozen
workers had to strip and go through a decontamination process.
--On Dec. 18, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Woodland Hills area was
targeted and about 90 people underwent antibiotic treatment.
--On Dec. 21, a telephoned threat emptied two Van Nuys courthouses and
forced about 1,500 people into quarantine for several hours.
--On Wednesday, the Chatsworth office of Time Warner Cable was
evacuated after a threat. About 200 people had to leave their work
--On Thursday, Christmas Eve, a Mervyn's store in Palm Desert was the
target of a hoax, and 200 people had to disrobe and were rinsed with a
bleach solution.
Anthrax hoaxes also have happened in Colorado, Kentucky, and

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