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RE: More (and last) on And you thought it was Larry Flynt . . .

This has to be the decade of Sex, so many public figures have been brought down,
one way or another, by it (funny thing I heard on the news from Russia -  that
if they were to discover that Yelsin had had an affair with a young woman, at
least they would know that he was still alive).

Perhaps the effects of all this under-the-covers publicity could convince some
VIPs of the imperative need for un-adulteratedH^H^H^H^Hextremely strong crypto
in theirH^H^H^H^H^ "all our" lives.  At least for some types of communication;
they still haven't figured out how to keep their paramours from telling everyone
about their adventures in wonderland.

I wonder if Stewart Baker was sending out that memo with glee?
And why did he send it to Dave Farber?