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New Martial Arts Organisation

This e-mail is to inform you, that we have started a non-profit
friendship association called Friends of the Fighting Spirit.
Through the years, we have established many contacts in
different countries. Now, together with all other interested
people worldwide, it 's possible through Dai Ki Haku to become
member of the non-profit friendship association Friends of
the Fighting Spirit
Our intention is to provide all forms of martial arts and combatants
with the opportunity of to derive knowledge from each other in various
ways, respective of different individual levels, religions and culture.
If you are accepted as a member, you will never have to pay anything
for you membership. Both individuals and clubs can become
By visiting the below web-site, you will be able to read some material
about Friends of the Fighting spirit.
The material includes information and replies to questions about why Friends
of the Fighting Spirit is quite special within Martial Art.
Please take the time to read the entire material so that we may have some
well-considered applications for membership.
On behalf of
Shihan Oerum
(Please note that this is not a commercial e-mail, this is a non-profit organisation.
Your have received this e-mail because of your interest in Martial Art, and you
will not receive any more e-mail's if you decide not to join the organisation.)