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Re: [email protected] Not Propagating to Compuserve/Sprynet

At 04:54 PM 12/28/98 +0100, Anonymous wrote:
>On 28 Dec 1998, Anonymous wrote:
>>Has anyone else experienced posts sent via the anon.lcs.mit.edu
>>mail2news gateway not propagating to Compuserve/Sprynet's news
>>servers?  I've made a couple of posts, both anonymously and
>>non-anonymously via that gateway, and they haven't been showing up
>>at CIS/Sprynet.  Yet they've been archived on Dejanews and replies
>>to them from users on other servers have shown up.
>>Is this a propagation problem, or are Compuserve and Sprynet
>>blocking posts from that gateway?
>Hey! Stop abusing the anonymous remailers! Your identity isn't findable! It
>defeats the whole purpose of Anon!


This wasn't me. Fuck off.

DH Key available upon request.

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