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Re: distribution scheme

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:14:19 +0100 Anonymous <[email protected]> writes:
>>>Falcon, aka FitugMix, wrote about a suggestion to chop crypto or 
>>>other contraband material into separate streams, e.g. bit 1 of each 
>>>byte in stream 1, etc., hoping that this would be "legal" because it's

>>>not really encryption, though if managed carefully it would still be 
>>>hard to read.
>>this concept is virtually identical to fractal encryption, where a
>>message is chopped into its component parts (25 a's, 3 b's, 8 c's, 
>>and so on) and also chopped into a configuration scheme.  this form 
>>of encryption does fall under the definition of munitions by the u.s.
>yes, I found that out in the meantime. the legal aspect falls short
>of my expectations. I still consider the scheme to be both simple and

fractal encryption is a simple concept.  however, testing of various
methods proved that the key was the "pattern recognition" element. 
because this part is sent separately from the alphanumeric element, the
cipher itself is as secure as imaginable.  only if someone captures both
elements, is able to understand the combination, and break the pattern
recognition scheme, can the cipher be read...

>I still consider the scheme to be both simple and useful because it 
>actually changes the byte structure, so looking for 'a' or 'e' or
>pattern-analysis does not work anymore. 

a non-linear methodology will always defeat traditional (linear)
cryptoanalysis.  but that is precisely the reason that the us government
opposes the development and export of this form of encryption scheme...


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