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True Random Numbers

Several months ago, someone was talking about "True random numbers" and how
to obtain them, and I (rather ignorantly) suggested they run a recorded
sound through a program to record a 1 for every peak of volume over a
certian threshold , and a 0 for every thing quieter.(I think i suggested a
russeling tree, or a waterfall) Just adjust the threshold according to the
volume of your sampling. (it was clear in my mind, even if I can't explain
it here)

Little did I know...

Read phrack 54.5.
<[email protected]>

Does God know Peano Algebra? Or does she not care if strong atheists
couldnt reason their way out of a trap made of Boolean presumptions?

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but zero knowlege is
absolutely subversive.

Overspecialization breeds in weakness. It's a slow death.

Beat your algorithms into swords, your dumb terminals into shields, and
turn virtual machines into battlefields... Let the weak say, "I am strong"
and question authority.