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Learning experience

Thursday 12/31/98 9:49 AM

John Young

I did the first update this morning.

I wonder how many rows one gets in a table until the system bombs?

The Great Satan tries to bury its dissident citizens in its
hidden SECRET cemetery.

We will try to fix this problem.

Title: pro se(Page 2)
Pro Se [for youself] Litigation with the US Government
Click  12/29/1998 -                                                              Date
TenFrap40 Legal manuvering- Fed. R. App. P. 40. Petition for Rehearing 12/31/1998
foia3a47.txt Payne and Morales NSA lawsuitLetter accompanying Tenth Circuit ruling   12/31/1998
foia3a46.txt Payne and Morales NSA lawsuit Tenth Circuit Rule 54(b) ruling 12/31/1998
foia3a44.txt Payne and Morales address US Government lien 12/31/1998
foia3a43.txt Payne and Morales NSA lawsuit STATEMENT OF RULE 54(b) CERTIFICATION 12/31/1998
bur13.txt  Payne exhausts administrative remedies at EEOC 12/29/1998
pena7.txt Payne exhausts administrative remedies at DOE 12/29/1998
jya.com This is a link to John Young's Cryptome web site 12/29/1998