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Dear Reader,
We are happy to provide feedback about The Times/Sunday Times
website, in the first of an occasional series of news briefs . . . 
Investment boosts access speed
The site is determined to make continual improvements for its
readers.  Significant extra cash is being channelled into making it the
fastest, easiest navigated and most innovative publishing site on the web.
Recent months have brought enormous increases in traffic, and you
may have noticed the odd download or access delay. We are concerned about
this just as you are, so have increased our bandwidth significantly. We
already have much better access speeds.
But our investment doesn't stop there: we will soon add increased
server capacity, so we can provide a range of exciting new features in the
next few months.
Thank you for your continued commitment to The Times & The Sunday
Times site. We welcome all comments or suggestions to
[email protected]  
The Times & The Sunday Times site launches "News First"
The UK's first extensive consumer newspaper-based rolling news and
preview service went live on November 26.
The free service includes headline news tickers on the registration
and home pages and bulletins on the 10 main breaking stories from 7am-10pm
GMT, followed by previews of news and features from the following day's
offline edition. News headlines are backed both by paragraph-sized
bulletins and links to relevant stories on the day's newspaper site.
Best wishes,
Mike Murphy
Managing Editor
News International Internet Publishing
(The Times and The Sunday Times online)