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Alpha Options Newsletter

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you're a trader/investor and like quick, large profits, you'll want to take a look at the Alpha Options Newsletter, available from Telescan through the TIP software or on Telescan's investor's supersite, Wall Street City (www.wallstreetcity.com).  Fast on the heels of 1997's gross profit of 322%, the newsletter portfolio has returned 179% as of Nov. 13!  Even more amazing is that return has been realized while holding an average of 80% cash!*  The newsletter, which has been published since April 1995, has evolved into an informative weekly report that uses key basic elements of technical analysis to generate quick profits, while adhering to a stringent money management system that cuts losses and rides gains.

The authors scan several hundred charts a week to identify the stocks that look ripe for short-term gains.  The newsletter pinpoints price targets and profit objectives for each recommendation and sets stops on open positions.  Once a position is entered, it's closely monitored and adjustments to targets or objectives are initiated if necessary.

The newsletter has had fabulous success over the past two years as money management guidelines have been set (and more importantly) followed to optimize the portfolio returns.  The newsletter offers a candid and unbiased opinion on stocks and recommends both calls and puts as justified by the market.  The AON portfolio typically holds between 5-15 open positions, with average being about 8 open positions.  The authors analyze each recommendation in detail and give specific targets for when to take profits.

The newsletter is published 48 times a year on Sunday evenings.  You can subscribe to this informative, educational newsletter online for just $30/month.  Call 1-800-324-4692 to subscribe.

So go ahead and give the newsletter a try and see how you too can generate substantial profits from trading options.

*The ideal starting portfolio size is $20,000, although a starting portfolio of $5,000 is sufficient. 

Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, including possible loss of principle and other losses. Your trading results may vary. No representations are being made that these techniques will result in or guarantee profits in trading. Past performance is no indication of future results.