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I wonder how the good 'ol Beeb will handle loads of votes from non-uk
people.  Especially how will they cope with anonymous remailers.

I know this is off-topic cypherpunks but lets indulge in a little gentle

---------------------- Forwarded by Richard Bragg/UK/SSA_EUROPE on 08/12/98
10:27 ---------------------------

Hilary Davidson
08/12/98 10:24

To:   UK BEC, UK Contractors BEC, Workfun
Subject:  Votes

This has to be done!!
---------------------- Forwarded by Hilary Davidson/UK/SSA_EUROPE on
08-12-98 10:23 AM ---------------------------

"Ashley Lane" <[email protected]> on 07-12-98 10:00:39 PM

To:   "Andy Randerson" <[email protected]>, "Marcus Lane"
      <[email protected]>, Hilary Davidson/UK/SSA_EUROPE,
      "Jonathan Cory" <[email protected]>, "Jason Boxall"
      <[email protected]>
Subject:  Votes

We are going to try to influence the result of the voting for BBC
Sports Personality of the year. It has been decided that David Beckham
would provide most embarrassment to the organisers if winning, so
could you all e-mail your vote to the following address:

[email protected]

More importantly, can you forward this mail to all your mates &
acquaintances asap in the hope that they will participate. Your
co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated


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