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ACT NOW!!! Web Site Submission

                     *************************HOLIDAY SPECIAL ***********************

                                     Web Site Submission. Let the professionals

Submit your Site. Special ends DECEMBER 31. If your page qualifies and you are willing to make {in most cases] minor changes to your page for submission then 
Type "SUBMIT" in the subject field.  And leave your name, web address and or phone number and the best time to contact you. Submissions include the following.
1. If you QUALIFY, top 30 position, Goal is the top 10
2. Over 300 submission to advertising agencies
3. Submission to over 400 search engines
4 Submissions to top 100 Free for all links [FFA]
5. Reports on submission till your page is ranked
This one time special is for people that have tried to submit there site and have not been able to get ranked. If you have a site and have not yet submitted it please try this first and Save yourself money. If you have tried before and just can't get your page listed then we can help you. We know what it takes to get to the top. 
ACT NOW!!!! For only 49.95.......Remember your page has to Qualify first so please forward your address znd or  phone number so we can view your page.

Thank You,
Michael Hargrove
Preferred Enterprises
Advertise Agency/Search Engine Research Specialist