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[ADV] Special XOOM Camera Offer

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Dear Aladdin Customer:

Did you ever want to participate in video chats,
send real-time video and video mail, or even add
moving or still pictures to almost any computer
document? Now you can, AND at a super-low price.

Aladdin has partnered with XOOM.com to offer you
The ZOOM Video Cam from that great modem company,
ZOOM Telephonics! It's the most affordable, full-color,
live-motion, digital camera for your PC. And because
of this special arrangement, we can offer it to you for
ONLY $79.95! This is a terrific price, as it normally
sells for $149.95. Hurry and order today,there are

To order, or for more information, go to this special URL:


Look at the great features of the ZOOM Telephonics
Video Camera:

** Easy Installation - Just plug the camera cable
into the included Zoom/Video Capture Card.
** Compact Design - Sits easily on your desk or
computer monitor with weighted base for excellent
stability. It can also be used with standard camera tripod.
** High Quality Optics - Has multi-element,
anti-reflection coating.  The focus is adjustable from
2 inches to infinity.
** Auto Focus - Automatic adjustment to lighting
conditions ensures excellent image quality under a
wide range of light conditions.

For video mail, just attach a video file for your friends
and family. Show them your pet, your new house, even
your new baby! ZOOM's video software attaches a "player"
application so that it can be viewed and heard on a PC
without any special hardware or software. The microphone
is included too, so all you need is a sound card.

The ZOOM Video Cam is also great for real-time chat or
business meetings. It's never been easier or more affordable
to have video on your PC!  Price is no longer an issue!
Because of this special arrangement we can offer it to
you for only $79.95! That's a savings of $70.  Hurry, this
offer ends December 31, 1998 or while supplies last.


All XOOM.com purchases come with a full, 30-day, no-fault,
money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling) from
XOOM.com on your purchase if you are not completely
satisfied for any reason. Order the ZOOM Video Cam today,
and START sharing your memories tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,
Aladdin and XOOM.com

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