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MEDIA RELEASE: Data Fellows’ F-Secure VPN+ demo; An easy way to test strong Internet encryption

Press Release				For immediate release 

Data Fellows’ F-Secure VPN+ demo 
An easy way to test strong Internet encryption

Espoo, Finland, December 11, 1998. - Data Fellows, one of the world’s
leading developers of anti-virus and encryption software, has set up a demo
of the commercial version of F-Secure VPN+, whereby companies can test an
encrypted IPSec connection between their own machine and a VPN+ Server at
the Data Fellows site. The supported platform is Windows NT 4.0 (Intel)
with an Ethernet network adapter. The release works on both single and
multi-processor machines.

An encrypted IPSec connection can be set up by downloading and installing
the F-Secure VPN+ Demo Client, available at the Data Fellows web site
(http://www.DataFellows.com/f-secure/vpn-plus/demo/), and connecting
through it to the F-Secure VPN+ server. This set-up in no way affects a
company’s other network traffic; all other hosts and network services may
be accessed as usual. Unlike the commercial version of VPN+, it is not
possible to create encrypted connections to hosts other than
VPNPlus.DataFellows.com. This server cannot be contacted without the VPN+
demo client.

The demo client has been configured to establish an IPSec encrypted (3des)
connection to VPNPlus.DataFellows.com (IP: A random session
key will be negotiated for each connection. Host authentication is
performed using a shared secret 0x462D534543555245 (i.e. "F-SECURE" in
hex). Access to all other networks (local/Internet) is provided without
additional IPSec security. 

In the commercial version of F-Secure VPN+, the network administrator
determines which connections are permitted and which connections need to be
encrypted. The commercial version of the product features F-Secure
Administrator for central management, network wide security policy
distribution and F-Secure VPN+ Certificate Wizard for a complete VPN
Certificate Authority service. 

In addition to F-Secure VPN+ Demo Client, a Lotus ScreenCam presentation of
F-Secure Administrator can be downloaded, as well as the user’s manual of
the commercial version. The presentation shows how easily the network
administrator can create and maintain a security policy for the whole
Virtual Private Network.

End-user installation of the commercial version can be done using AUTOINST
network-wide deployment tools and it provides a fully transparent network
security solution to the user. No user-interfaces are left to the user to
stumble with.

About Data Fellows

Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
products. The Company develops, markets and supports anti-virus, data
security and cryptography software products for corporate computer
networks. It has principal offices in San Jose, California, and Espoo,
Finland, with regional offices and corporate partners, VARs and other
distributors in over 80 countries around the world. 

Data Fellows has customers in more than 100 countries, including many of
the world’s largest industrial corporations and best-known
telecommunications companies, major international airlines, European
governments, post offices and defense forces, and several of the world’s
largest banks. 

The Company was named one of the Top 100 Technology companies in the world
by Red Herring magazine in its September 1998 issue. Other commendations
include Hot Product of the Year 1997 (Data Communications Magazine); Best
Anti-Virus product (SVM Magazine, May 1997); Editor’s Choice (SECURE
Computing Magazine); and the 1996 European Information Technology Prize.

About F-Secure products

All F-Secure products are integrated into the F-Secure Framework management
architecture, which provides a three-tier, scaleable, policy-based
management infrastructure to minimize the costs of security management. 

F-Secure Workstation Suite consists of malicious code detection and removal
as well as unobtrusive file and network encryption, all integrated into a
policy-based management architecture.

F-Secure Anti-Virus, with multiple scanning engines (including F-PROT and
AVP), is the most comprehensive, real-time virus scanning and protection
system for all Windows platforms. 

F-Secure VPN+ provides a software-based, IPSec-compliant Virtual Private
Network solution for large corporate networks as well as remote and small
office networks. 

F-Secure FileCrypto is the first and only product to integrate strong
real-time encryption directly into the Windows file system. 

F-Secure SSH provides secure remote login, terminal, and other connections
over unsecured networks. It is the most widely used secure remote
administration tool.

F-Secure NameSurfer is the solution for remote Internet and Intranet DNS
administration. Its easy-to-use WWW user interface automates and simplifies
DNS administration.
For more information, please contact:

Data Fellows Inc. 
Mr. Pirkka Palomäki, Product Manager 
Tel. +1 408 938 6700, fax +1 408 938 6701
E-mail: Pirkka.Palomä[email protected]

Data Fellows Oy
Mr. Topi Hautanen, Product Manager
PL 24  
FIN-02231 ESPOO				
Tel. +358 9 859 900, fax. +358 9 8599 0599
E-mail: [email protected]
or visit our web site at http://www.DataFellows.com

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