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The CD - Vol. 2, is the absolute best product of its' kind anywhere 
in the world today.  There are no other products anywhere that can 
compete with the quality of this product.

We took a total of over 190 million email addresses from many of the
touted CD's that are out there (bought them all - some were $300+)!
We added the millions we had in storage to those.   When we
combined them all, we had in excess of 300+ million addresses
in one huge file.

We  ran a super "sort/de-dupe" program against this huge list. It 
cut the file down to less than 20 million!!! Can you believe that? It 
seems that most people that are selling CD's are duping the public by 
putting numerous files of addresses in the CD over and over. This 
created many duplicate addresses. They also had many program "generated" 
email addresses like CompuServe, MCI, ANON's, etc.  This causes a 
tremendous amount of undeliverables.

After completion of removal of duplicates and initial filtering we were 
left with the base of 10 Million addresses worth fine tuning to finish the 
project.  Remember, we are not here to produce the CD with the gad zillion 
millions that our competitors are so proud to put their names on these days.  
We ARE here to produce the very BEST CD list as far as quality of 
addresses go

We then ran a program that contained 300+ keywords to remove addresses
with vulgarity,  profanity, sex-related names, postmaster, webmaster, flamer, 
abuse, spam, etc., etc.   Also eliminated all .EDU, mil, .org, .GOV, Genie, 
Delphi, GNN, Wow etc.   We also filtered out all addresses found in any of 
our 1300+ domains list.  We also filtered out addresses in excess of 30,000 
which have proven to be affiliated with anyone found to be opposed to our 
using direct bulk email as a advertising medium. We have also purged the 
list to be free of any "web poison" addresses created by those who are opposed 
to us conducting legitimate business on the internet today.  If you do not know 
what web poisoned addresses are, please look it up now.  One list we recently 
purchased had over 90% poisoned addresses.  The "bottom line" here is that 
you can go out on the world market today and purchase every lists for thousands 
of dollars and NOT have anymore worth owning than what we have compiled 
for you here today.

You use these addresses, you will experience increased response, increased 
sales, and a host of other positives that far exceeds any hoped for results when 
using the competitor's inferior products.  Our customers purchase our products 
over and over and over.  Most of the competition ever succeeds is selling a 
second product to anyone after they purchase the first.

  So, you see, our list will save people hundreds of dollars buying all others that are 
out there on  CD and otherwise. Using ours will be like using the 200+ million that 
we started with, but a lot less money and a lot less time!!
We have always said, "You can buy from the REST or you can buy from the BEST".   
Your choice.


                       What others are saying:

"I received the CD on Friday evening.   Like a kid with a new toy, I
 immediately started bulking out using the new email addresses.  Over
 the course of the weekend, I emailed out over 500,000 emails and I
 received less than TWENTY undeliverables!!  I am totally satisfied
with my purchase!!  Thanks Premier!!"
                              Dave Buckley
                              Houston,  TX
 "This list is worth it's weight in gold!!  I sent out 100,000 emails for my
 product and received over 55 orders!
                               Ann Colby
                            New Orleans, LA
                                 HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE
The CD is comprised of 7 million PREMIUM & SUPER clean addresses -ready 
for mailing upon receipt of the CD.  Each file contains exactly 100,000 email 
addresses. There are only AOL & Mixed addresses on this CD.  You have 50 files 
of 100,000 each of AOL to equal 5,000,000 addresses.  The AOL addresses are less 
than 6 weeks old and have been collected throughout the production schedule.
The remaining files are comprised of General Internet addresses. There are 20 files 
of 100,000 each, totaling 2,000,000 premium addresses.   NO Compuserve!  No Delphi!
No Genie!  No Prodigy!  NO Filler Addresses!  Simply the Best of the Best!!!

                           >>> ONLY $200.00!
This price is effective for the next seven days, thereafter the price will be
$299.00 so ORDER NOW!  Remember, bottom-line you always get what you pay for!

All lists are completely free of any Duplicates. We also on a continual basis, add 
New Names and Remove Undeliverables and Remove Requests. The result is the 
Cleanest Email Addresses Available Anywhere to use over and over again, for a 
FRACTION of the cost that other companies charge. Typical rates for acquiring 
email lists are from 1cent to as high as 3 cents per email  address - that's  

We continually work on our CD.  Who knows when those other CDs were made. 
We're constantly adding and deleting addresses, removes. Etc.  It all comes back 
to quality.

Don't even hesitate on this one or you will miss out on the most effective way to 
market anywhere...PERIOD!  If you have any further questions or to place an order, 
you can call toll free at:

800-600-0343  Ext. 2693

To order our email package, simply print out the EZ ORDER FORM
below and fax or mail it to our office today.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Checks by Fax.
EZ Order Form

 _____Yes! I would like to order MILLIONS Vol. 2  email addresses
for only $200.00.
*Please select one of the following for shipping..
____I would like to receive my package OVERNIGHT. I'm including
$15 for shipping. (outside US add an additional $25 for shipping)
____I would like to receive my package 2 DAY delivery. I'm including
$10 for shipping.  (outside US add an additional $25 for shipping)

COMPANY NAME___________________________________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________________
PHONE NUMBERS__________________________________________
FAX NUMBERS_____________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________
CREDIT CARD# __________________________________________
EXPIRATION DATE________________________________________
NAME ON CARD___________________________________________
AMOUNT $____________________
(Required) SIGNATURE:x________________________
You may fax your order to us at:   1-212-504-8192

If you would like to fax a check, paste your check below and fax it to
our office along with all forms to: 1-212-504-8192


If You fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check.
We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your
original check. All checks will be held for bank clearance.  (7-10 days)
Make payable to: "GD Publishing"