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Re: Our answer to your request

Thank you for your interest in our training Course.                             

Success Courses  offers an extensive Video Tape training course in "How to Collect Judicial Judgments".

If you are like many people, you are not even sure what a Judicial Judgment is and why processing Judicial Judgments can earn you very substantial income. 

If you ever sue a company or a person and you win then you will have a Judicial Judgment against them.  You are happy you won but you will soon find out the shocking fact:  "Its now up to you to collect on the Judgment".  The court does not require the loser to pay you.  The court will not even help you.  You must trace the loser down,  find their assets,  their employment, bank accounts,  real estate,  stocks and bonds,  etc.   Very few people know how to find these assets or what to do when they are found.  The result is that millions of Judgments are just sitting in files and being forgotten.

"In 79% of the cases the winner of a Judgment never sees a dime."

The non-payment of  judicial debt has grown to epidemic proportions.  Right now in the United States there is between  200 and 300 billion dollars of uncollected Judicial Judgment debt.  For every Judgment that is paid,  5 more Judgments take its place.

We identified this massive market 4 years ago and have actively pursued Judicial Judgments since.  We invented this business. We have perfected it into a well proven and solid profession in which only a select few will be trained in the techniques necessary to succeed in this profession.

With our first hand experience we have built a course which teaches you how to start your business in this new unknown and exciting field of  processing Judicial Judgments.

By following the steps laid out in our course and with reasonable effort you can  become very successful in the processing of Judicial Judgments.

The income potential is substantial in this profession.  We have associates who have taken our course and are now working full time making $96,000.00 to  over $200,000.00 per year.  Part time associates are earning between $24,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year.   Some choose to operate out of their home and work by themselves.  Others build a sizable organization of 15 to 25 people in attractive business offices.

Today Success Courses  and our associates have over 632 million dollars in Judicial Judgments that we are currently processing.  Of this 632 million,  36 million is in the form of joint ventures between our firm  and our associates.  Joint ventures are where we make our  money.  We only break even when our course is purchased.  We make a 12% margin on the reports we supply to our associates.   Our reporting capability is so extensive that government agencies,  police officers,  attorneys,  credit agencies etc.  all come to us for reports.

Many of our associates already have real estate liens in force of between 5 million to over 15 million dollars.  Legally this means that when the properties are sold or refinanced our associate must be paid off.  The norm is 10% interest compounded annually on unpaid Judicial Judgments.  Annual interest on 5 million at 10%  translates to $500,000.00 annually in interest income,  not counting the payment of the principle.  Our associates earn half of this amount or $250,000.00 per year.  This is just for interest,  not counting principle and not counting the compounding of the interest which can add substantial additional income.  Typically companies are sold for 10 times earnings.  Just based on simple interest an associate with 5 million in real estate liens could sell their business for approximately 2.5 million dollars.

92% of all of our associates work out of their home;  43% are women and 36% are part time.   

One of the benefits of working in this field is that you are not under any kind of  time frame.  If you decide to take off for a month on vacation then go.  The Judgments you are working on will be there when you return.   The Judgments are still in force,  they do not disappear.

The way we train you is non-confrontational. You use your computer and telephone to do most of the processing. You never confront the debtor.  The debtor doesn't know who you are.  You are not a collection agency.

Simply stated the steps to successful Judicial Processing are as follows: 

 Mail our recommended letter to companies and individuals with Judicial Judgments.  (We train you how to find out who to write to)

 8% to 11% of the firms and people you write will call you and ask for your help.  They call you,  you don't call them unless you want to.

 You send them an agreement (supplied in the course) to sign which splits every dollar you collect 50% to you and 50% to them.  This applies no matter if the judgment is for $2,000.00 or $2,000,000.00. 

 You then go on-line to our computers to find the debtor and their assets.  We offer over 120 powerful reports to assist you.  They range from credit reports from all three credit bureaus,  to bank account locates,  employment locates,  skip traces and locating stocks and bonds,  etc.  The prices of our reports are very low.  Typically 1/2 to 1/3 of what other firms charge.   For example we charge $6.00 for an individuals credit report when some other companies charge $25.00.

 Once you find the debtor and their assets you file garnishments and liens on the assets you have located.  (Standard fill in the blanks  forms are included in the course)

 When you receive the assets you keep 50% and  send 50% to the original Judgment holder.

 Once the Judgment is fully paid you mail a Satisfaction of Judgment to the court. (Included in the course)

Quote's  from several of our students:

Thomas in area code 516 writes us:  "I just wanted to drop you a short note thanking you for your excellent course.  My first week,  part time,  will net me 3,700.00 dollars.  Your professionalism in both the manual and the video opened doors for me in the future.  There's no stopping me now.  As of February 3rd, 1995, Thomas states he has over $8,500,000 worth of judgments he is working on.

After only having this course for four months,  Larry S. in area code 314  stated to us:  "I am now making $2,000.00 per week and expect this to grow to twice this amount within the next year.  I am having a ball.  I have over $250,000 in judgments I am collecting on now."

After having our course for 7 months Larry S. in 314 stated "I am now making $12,000.00 per month and have approximately $500,000.00  in judgments I am   collecting on.  Looks like I will have to hire someone to help out"

Marshal in area code 407 states to us  "I feel bad,   you only charged me $189.00 for this course and it is a gold mine. I  have added 3 full time people to help  me after only having your course for 5 months"

>From the above information and actual results you can see why we can state the following:

With our course you can  own your own successful business.  A business which earns you substantial income now and one which could be sold in 3-5 years,  paying you enough to retire on and travel the world.  A business which is extremely interesting to be in.  A Business in which every day is new and exciting.  None of your days will be hum drum.  Your brain is challenged.   A business which protects you from Corporate downsizing.  A business which you can start part time from your home and later,  if you so desire,  you can work in full time.  A business which is your ticket to freedom from others telling you what to do.  A business which lets you control your own destiny.  Our training has made this happen for many others already.   Make it happen for you!

If the above sounds interesting to you then its time for you to talk to a real live human being,  no cost or obligation on your part.

Please call us at  1-500-488-2035.  We have Customer Support staff available to you from 7:00AM to 7:00PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  If you call this number you can talk to one of our experienced Customer Support personnel. They can answer any questions you may have - with no obligation. Sometimes we run special pricing on our courses and combinations of courses. When you call our  Customer Support line they can let you know of any specials we may be running. If you like what you read and hear about our courses, then the Customer Support person can work with you to place your order. We are very low key. We merely give you the facts and you can then decide if you want to work with us or not.

Thank you for your time and interest.



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