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Anonymizer WWW interface


     On December 23rd the WWW interface to Anonymizer.com was back on-line
put, however,
I notice several irregularity which lead me to believe this remailer may
compromized be .

While superficially the operastion looks the same as before was, I have
seen that several _origin_ domains no more produce mail sent.  No matter
how I do, mail from these origin do not produce output (even though they
used to, and even though I get message confirmation).

Email from origin that are functional still will not produce the desired
result for certain _subjects_!  Yes,  I said _subjects_.  I have tried
every way I have think of to try and produce evidence that this is a
coincident of other effect, but am not  to be able.  I must assume that
this remailer is being _content_ censored.

Copies of this have been to Anonymizer sent, I am waiting response [here on
Cpunks].  PLEASE, tell me there is some other way for this behavior!

Yours Very Truly