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Re: DVD legal maneuvers (decss and the lawyers)

Eric Wade wrote:
> Windows computers get DVD code, right?  MacOS gets DVD, right?  Is DVD
> industry willing to explain to the Dept. of Justice that they are trying to
> keep the poor Linux guys from being able to compete?  DVD guys
> anticompetitive?  Catch 22- give them the code, they'll open source it.
> Don't give them the code, and you're being anticompetitive.

not quite that simple, and it's not all about open source. this one is
straight from the DVD CCA webpage:

Effective December 15, 1999, DVD CCA will provide CSS interim licensing
and related services to the DVD industry. CSS interim licenses and
related items are available to all qualified companies who desire a CSS
interim license.

think a bunch of linux coders qualify as "dvd industry" or "qualified
compan[y]" ?