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Re: EFF's take on DVD situation (fwd)

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Date: 04 Jan 2000 07:39:29 EST
From: [email protected] (William P. McGonigle)
Subject: CDR: Re: EFF's take on DVD situation

--- "John B. Brown" wrote:
     So it aint so cut and dried as the PR folks would have you believe. Just
small change breaks both a patent and a copyright. Or at the least casts some
very heavy doubt.
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Yes, this is clearly correct, but doesn't pertain to my post.  

[ text deleted ]

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No, it isn't correct with respect to copyrights. To break a copyright and
make the new derived work eligible for copyright in its own regard require
"substantial and creative" changes. It is true there are no hard and fast 
bounds but that doesnt change the fact.



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