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Re: DVD legal maneuvers (fwd)

At 08:12 AM 1/4/00 -0600, Jim Choate wrote:
>Actualy you can't prohibit a non-profit lending library from loaning it out.
>The copryight acts specificaly designates this and educational institutions
>(with no apparent limit on copies) as an exemption.

1. This was a moral argument, to Mr. Mix, where the purchaser has 
entered into a voluntary contract.  The law doesn't
matter here.  (But I think you are right about the law.)

Letting libraries lend (esp. digital) info is putting
them in competition with vendors and renters.  And
when you can clone a CD in a few minutes, it strikes me
as a rather blatant copyright infringement resource.
But how things strike me is generally irrelevent too.

(I have seen albums which prohibit broadcast, though you
can only see this after buying the vinyl.)

>After all, to fully register a copyrighted work you must submit a copy which
>is then given to the Library of Congress to hold in their stacks if they 
>choose (the LoC can pick and choose). So in the very act of registering a
>work you are agreeing to allow it to be used in lending libraries.

All works are automatically copyrighted by their authors,
even without the little (c), name, and year or sending
free copies to the whores of DC.  "Full" registration
only makes lawsuits slightly easier.

This includes all electronic content too.