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Title: Profile Date

Corporate Profile Date: 1/4/00  
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VenCap Capital Corporation 
(OTC BB: VNCA)    
Current Price: 
$0.6875 - $0.75
Outstanding - 
2 Million shares
Current Float - 
2 Million Shares

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Let's Landscape (together) Inc., a traditional "bricks-and-mortar" company is positioned to become a dominant force as a premier retailer of landscape design, supply and installation expertise for the homeowner marketplace in North America servicing two primary target groups: retail consumers and professional

 landscape contractors. On May 12, 1999, Let's Landscape (together), Inc. was acquired by VenCap Capital Corporation (OTC BB: VNCA).  Immediate plans are to expand Let's Landscape (together) Inc. from 6 to 200 retail locations and to develop an interactive yet integrated Internet system, .... a destination for everyone interested in landscape and horticulture.

Let's Landscape (together) Inc.'s strong and established retail foundation has a complementary strategy to leverage the Internet to deliver the same service provided by their retail presence to residential and commercial clients who use the Internet. 

Let's Landscape (together) Inc. will host this interactive website community with the intention to derive multiple revenue streams.  Spot and banner advertising, preferred supplier fees and mark-up on delivery of products and services are only three of the possible revenue streams that will potentially translate into sales of $750 million within five years.

At $0.75 per share with only 2 million shares outstanding, VenCap Capital Corporation (OTC BB: VNCA) / Let's Landscape (Together) Inc. should trade well over $5.00 per share in a short period of time.

Current Web Address:  http://www.letslandscapetogether.com

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How large is the horticulture market? Gardening is considered to be the number one hobby in North America.  The Canadian consumer spending has grown to approximately $10 billion.  In the U.S., the total figure generated by landscape and horticulture is approximately $25 billion annually, with the niche landscape market generating an additional $14 billion per year, eclipsing the $15 billion spent yearly on Golf. Let's Landscape (together), Inc. has aggressive expansion plans for their franchise network. Their current 6 franchised operations have averaged, in actual start-up sales, of $200,000 to over $800,000 in three years, and are expected to generate well over $1 million in their forth year. New franchise start-ups in the year 2000, are expected to produce revenues of over $500,000 in their first year. Already, approximately 6 new franchised locations are planned to open in year 2000. With planned expansion into the United States and total outlets to increase to over 200, the company's projected revenues are expected to be approximately $750 million within five years, a figure that constitutes less than 2% of the total market share.

Let's Landscape (together), Inc. is striving to increase its awareness across North America and the investment market. The company has been featured numerous times in "Canadian Living", a well recognized magazine in Canada. In the May 1996 issue, Canadian Living featured a 19 full color page presentation devoted to landscaping project completed by Let's Landscape (together), Inc..

In the midst of a 'dot.com' craze, a solid, 'bricks-and-mortar' company has emerged offering an established foundation with a solid management team boasting over 40 years of landscape construction and maintenance experiences and aggressive plans for its expansion.

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