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Re: Re: Thermal Imaging, .ca spy museum, Y2Pentagon, .mil search engine, and

"William H. Geiger III" wrote:
> In <[email protected]>, on 01/04/00
>    at 05:54 PM, Sunder <[email protected]> said:
> >The technology could also help to ease stress levels at
> >work. Researchers in Fairfax are looking at using a thermal
> >imaging system and infrared cameras that will detect tiny
> >changes in facial temperature and muscle tone triggered by
> >rising stress levels. When the software installed in your PC sees that
> >you are becoming stressed too quickly while
> >playing a computer game, it will simply close down the
> >game and put on some soft music.
> At which point the computer user chucks the whole thing out the window. :)

At which point the user gets a clue to not play games at work, or not get
excited about it, or removes the Big Brother software from his machine. :)

I would be seriously pissed if any machine sensed I was pissed off and played
soft music.  I hate soft music, it would make me even more stressed. :^)

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