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"Lie in X.509, Go to Jail", part 3

More from the "lie in x.509, go to jail" front.

And, no, I'm not going to be at RSA later this month.


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From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 10:57:32 -0600
Subject: RSA show in San Jose


My client AlphaTrust.com is announcing the nation's first legally valid digital
signature solution at the RSA show later this month. I wondered if you were
attending the show, and if so, would you be interested in meeting with them? I
am attaching a press release for your review.

Clint Conatser
Director of Corporate Communications


Gail Griswold
Director of Communications
[email protected]

Digital Signatures Now Legally Valid

AlphaTrust.com First in the Nation to Offer Legally Valid Digital Signatures

January 16, 2000 - RSA Conference 2000 - San Jose, CA . . .AlphaTrust.com
announces today the availability of legally valid digital signatures via
AlphaTrust Digital IDs (TM). AlphaTrust.com has combined the proven technology
of digital signatures with the necessary legal framework to provide the world's
first e-commerce system able to satisfy today's requirements for legally
binding, technically secure, completely electronic business-to-business and
business-to-consumer transactions.

"Businesses and consumers can now execute a myriad of forms and contract-based
business transactions that typically require a hand-written signature without
ever taking the cap off of a pen," states Bill Brice, CEO of AlphaTrust.com.
"Just processing an ink-signed paper form can cost companies $3 - $4 each. Now,
with the ability to digitally sign an electronic form, that cost can be reduced
to pennies. Combine this savings with increased productivity and it can add up
to millions of dollars in savings annually."

AlphaTrust.com client Kevin D. Grace, CEO of SEI Metaltek (a metal fabrication
and processing company), is banking on this type of savings. "We expect this to
speed up our transaction times while lowering our processing costs
significantly," comments Mr. Grace. "SEI Metaltek is always looking for ways to
lower costs and improve the efficiency of our business processes. Using
AlphaTrust.com's digital signature solution enables us to keep our processes
electronic and avoid the need for paper signatures on forms and documents,
reducing our transaction risks."

Until now, businesses have been slow to adopt digital signature technology -
also known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - because of its perceived
complexity and lack of legal viability. But now obtaining and using a
digital ID
is simple. Via an on-line application process, users sign up for personal or
business memberships with AlphaTrust.com. Users pay a one-time registration fee
to validate their identity. They agree to AlphaTrust.com's Member Agreement,
which establishes the legal validity of their digital signature worldwide, as
well as provides warranty protection against fraudulent use of their
Digital ID.
Currently the annual service is waived for new members.

Once membership is approved, by verifying the identity of the applicant,
the new
member receives a unique AlphaTrust Digital ID (TM). AlphaTrust.com members
receive training, technical support, and access to the latest email,
browser and
e-commerce software. Using software that most people already have installed on
their computers, members can sign documents digitally as well as decrypt
information received, verify the digital signatures of others and encrypt
information sent to others.

For example, an AlphaTrust Digital ID (TM) user can create an email message,
attach an electronic copy of a contract, digitally sign the message and
send it.
The recipient can review the attached contract and respond via a digitally
signed email. The result of this electronic transaction is a legally binding,
properly executed contract.

The first transaction of this type was executed in September of 1999 between
AlphaTrust.com and business partner ValiCert, from which AlphaTrust.com
its Digital ID validation software. "We're very excited about the availability
of legally valid digital signatures from AlphaTrust.com," said Martin A. Yam,
Vice President of Sales for ValiCert. "Digital signature applications are
revolutionizing e-commerce."

AlphaTrust.com remains the only provider of legally valid digital signatures.
"We have overcome significant legal obstacles to make this service available,"
says Brice. "We built on work done by the American Bar Association, the
International Chamber of Commerce and the European Commission. The AlphaTrust
Member Agreement, a stipulation of membership, gives legal validity to
signed messages and transactions without waiting for governments to sort out
conflicting or non-existent laws on digital signatures. This same approach
created the global credit card system. We intend to be the VISA of the Digital
ID world."

About AlphaTrust.com

AlphaTrust.com began operations in 1998, founded by Dallas entrepreneur Bill
Brice, the co-founder and former CEO of I Can't Believe It's Yogurt. The
provides digital signature and encryption solutions for secure, legally binding
business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce transactions.
AlphaTrust Digital IDs (TM), the company's initial product offering, may be
for legally binding transactions around the world. For more information about
AlphaTrust.com or Digital IDs, visit http://alphatrust.com.

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