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New & Improved ZDNet e-mail service!

Dear Squeamish,

Messaging on ZDNet just got better!

As a registered member of ZDNet, you're automatically eligible
for a free ZDNet e-mail account. We're pleased to announce that
we've now added voicemail and fax service to our e-mail service.

This all-in-one messaging service is called your ZDNet onebox.
Now you have a free message center on the Web where you can
organize all your voicemail, e-mail and faxes in one place,
and access them by phone or Web.

To get started with your new ZDNet onebox, just log in now with
your ZDNet User Name and password*.

Your ZDNet User Name is: cypherpunks


Just look at all you can do with your ZDNet onebox:

* Send and receive voicemail--right from your computer or by phone.
* Share voicemail and faxes with anyone, just like e-mail.
* Retrieve messages over the phone or on the Web.
* Get a FREE, private phone number for receiving voicemail and

_____Bonus - Free Business Cards!_____
As an added bonus, when you log in to your account, you can order
100 personalized business cards from liveprint.com absolutely FREE,
including free shipping!

Thanks for using ZDNet. We hope you enjoy your new ZDNet onebox!

--ZDNet Member Services

*If you've forgotten your ZDNet password, go to:

**Free local phone numbers available only in the US. Not all area
  codes are currently available, however additional area codes are
  continually being added.