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	Infonex is currenty changing our IP addresses. Due to increasing
traffic at our site, we are swithcing our backbone provider to obtain
better bandwidth and connections.  This will affect you in the following

	1.  Windows dialup customers will need to change your dialup
networking settings.  Please go to your "My Computer" icon located on your
desktop and double click to open it.  From this window, double-click the
Dial-Up Networking folder to open it.  Find our icon in the dialup
networking folder, this should be labeled "Infonex" and right-click on
this icon.  From the pull down menu, select "properties".  This will bring
up a new window.  Please click on Server Types, then TCP/IP settings. 
Change your settings from "specify name server addresses" to "server
assigned name server addressess".  This should be the onlychange that you
will need to make so click "OK" at each window until you are back to the
dial up networking folder.  You can make these changes immediately.
	  Mac customers (depending on your OS versions) will need to set
your TCP/IP settings in your control panel to connect via PPP.  The
default settings should specify to use the default name server or server
assigned name server.  This is what you should have in your settings.  You
can make these changes immediately.

	2.  Customers with a www address, we have contacted Network
Solutions and notified them of the change. You will not need to contact
them.  The IP of your site will change, as well. The first three sets of
numbers will change from 209.75.197 to 216.34.245. The last number will
remain the same as before.  For most of our virtually hosted customers,
this change will be transparent and should not cause the need for any
changes on your part.  You will only need to make changes if you wrote
scripts or programs that connect based on IP instead of using a domain

	3.  If you have any scripts or programs that use our IP to connect
to us then you will need to adjust these accordingly.  However, we
encourage the use of domain names instead of IP's so that our future
changes will not affect you. 

sirius		infonex.com
rigel		cyberpass.net

	4. ISDN customers will need to change your router and ISDN set ups
to reflect your new IPs.  Everywhere where it says 209.75.197.xxx you will
need to change to 216.34.245.xxx.  It should be safe to make changes on
Thursday January 6, 2000.  Please send me an email at [email protected]
to verify that the new numbers are working before effecting the change.

	If you have any questions regarding this change then please
contact me at [email protected]

Peleus Uhley
Customer Service
Infonex Internet Inc.