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Re: US Cyberwar Policy

What was informative about the press briefing was the
description of "Computer Network Defense (CND)" and
"Computer Network Attack (CNA)," two components of 
a new DoD cyberwarfare initiative which has been delegated
to the US Space Command. Here's today's briefing by 
General Richard Myers, head of Space Command:


Myers tried to deflect reporters' attempt to hype cyberwar 
capabilities, but based on news reports he seems to have

He said there are substantial problems getting cyberwarfare
operational to the level that such weapons would be truly
reliable warfighting tools, comparable to other weapon

He noted that while it would be relatively easy to set up a
"cyber corps" of specialists, that could lead to the unit being
isolated from the military as a whole. The big task is to
integrate such new capabilities throughout all levels of 
commands so that they are widely and readily available 
to all units. He cautioned against just setting up such a
unit because it is a hot topic.

Myers said that the Conops kickoff date for the Space 
Command's cyber initiative is October 1. He said that is 
just the beginning of what will be a lengthy process of 
carefully developing the program and integrating it into 
the overall military structure.

Pressed on whether cyber attacks have been made heretofore,
he first declined to answer, then later said there had been 
some "on a case-to-case basis only." He would give no other 
information about them.

Why delegate the duty to Space Command? Myers said
that was because it is "global," that most of the technology
for cyber war involves use of space, and that Space Command
is more adept at using keyboards to issue orderd than any 
other unit.

Myers said that Space Command has no force ability at the
moment. It can only handle information. What force may be
coming he did not say.