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hdl des

Dear Mr. David G. Koontz

This is Mr. Medi Z. Amiran, an HDL man.
I have fined your email to Cypherpunk HyperArchive (11 JAN 1996) about HDL 
DES model, searching ALTAVISTA.
I am interested in coding/decoding algorithms such as DES & GDES; so I want 
to study your HDL model; if itís possible of course.
I would like to have discussion to you about other algorithms and 
implementation ideas, too.
Would you kindly send me your HDL core, or give me a password to download it 
from a WEB site.

Thank you in advance for your kind reply to me via: [email protected] or Fax 
No. (775)-766-9397.

Best regards,

Medi Z. Amiran

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