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Re: Reverse engineering case law

Ics Mixmaster wrote:

>First, why is this moronic CDR: prepended to each Subject: 
and how to stop that ?

"CDR" is Jim Choate's brand for posts that are handled by
his fed-surveillance station on the CDR. It cannot be removed
except by reverse engineering Jim's tamper-proof brain 
and soul. Every crack technology on earth has been used 
to attack his impregnum, with no luck. "CDR" is here to stay
a virus, an implant, a plague, marking anyone who is
grabbed by it as a helpless target of Jim's aim to render
all humanity and machines as imperturbably frozen in
time solid bonehead monomanical unreflective nutcase
as himself. That's why cypherpunks has become a blackhole 
of once thoughtful people now totally obsessed with swimming
up their own salmonic fountainheads, shrugging Atlases
obeying nature's call to Tim May nirvana.