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Searching for NCSC

Except for one or two hits from missi, NCSC appears to have 
disappeared from browers visiting our site since shortly before
the holidays. 

We thought it might be due to a pullback of NCSC boxes until
after Y2K. But no return so far.

Perhaps NSA has made alternate arrangements for its folks to
browse the Web, perhaps through less obvious accounts
at, say, AOL, or another popular ISP which could cloak
the spooks' data gathering, like others who now understand
that the vanity of having a famous site to browse from is 
outweighed by it being an easy guide to invade privacy,
or, as with the DeCSS defendants, a surefire way to serve
notifications of misbehavior.

So, a few questions:

1. Is NCSC is still operating as an e-mail address?

2. Any clues as to what services NCSC is now using to browse
the Web?

3. Any clues to what services other spooks and TLAs use
to browse (we know FBI uses IBM.net, Prodigy, a couple
of others, as posted here last year I recall).

(I occasionally use an ibm.net account for the same purpose, 
unless an anonymizer is warranted -- and trustworthy. As 
seen from this mail's header Pipeline runs through Mindspring 
which is a faintly anonymizing scrim.)

There has been a big jump in browser hits from
(number)-hal-pc.com, exactly the same address getting 
multiple copies of the same file, grabbing stuff minutes after
it goes up, prowling the site all day long, not unlike the 
NSA bot and NCSC machines operated. Could be
a coincidence, or just smart privacy-conscious people 
using the single gateway to cloak individual use.

Hits from AOL's proxies are way up too, but that could
be due to the millions escaping the penal colony, to jump
into the fire of zero freedom.