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Recommended: Web-Law Mailing List

[Note from Matthew Gaylor:  I highly recommend Steve Imparl's Web-Law 
Internet mailing list.  This list is owned by Steven Imparl an 
Attorney from Chicago, Illinois and who is author of "Internet Law: 
The Complete Guide".  See http://www.imparl.net ]

WEB-LAW Mailing List

WEB-LAW is a moderated online mailing list, created to discuss issues related
to Internet law. While any subject related to the law of the Internet is
appropriate, the following topics are suggested as points of departure for

-Agency law and electronic agents
-Alternative dispute resolution
-Commercial law--general issues
-Consumer protection law
-Domain names and trademarks
-Electronic filing of court briefs
-Employment law on the Internet
-Freedom of expression and censorship
-Going online
-Government online
-Legal profession in cyberspace
-Specially regulated entities and services
-Trade secrets
-Uniform Commercial Code

The purpose of a moderated list is to keep discussions focused and on topic.
We have a diverse,  international group of participants, including persons
from the following countries:

-Hong Kong
-Peoples Republic of China
-South Korea
-United Kingdom
-United States

To Subscribe to WEB-LAW, simply send a blank e-mail message to the following

[email protected]

Thanks.  I look forward to your participating in discussion with us.

Steven Imparl
Attorney at Law
Chicago, Illinois
Author, _Internet Law: The Complete Guide_

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