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RE: Chinese Fly Red Flag With Ban On Microsoft

At 2:16 PM -0500 1/8/00, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote:
>Why on earth do Fight Censorship readers bother to read the ToryGraph. Not
>only is it a tedious read, it is also prone to be very out of date.
>There is a reason that the Telegraph readership has been declining at an
>alarming rate...
>The Chinese IT ministry came out with a categorical denial of the story.
>They are a key Microsoft account and are planning to deploy Win2000 very
>extensively. It was extensively reported by CNN about four days ago...

As usual Phill didn't read the story correctly. The Yangcheng Evening 
News did report that China was switching to their domestic product 
but as "THE DAILY TELEGRAPH" correctly pointed out:

At 12:28 PM -0500 1/8/00, Matthew Gaylor wrote:
>   Officials  at  the Ministry of Information  Industry  said  a
>           formal  ban  was  unlikely  in  the  near  future.  "But  the
>           government is  advocating that users buy domestic  software,"
>           an official said yesterday.

In nations such as China there is the official policy and then there 
is their real policy. Perhaps this is an example of this?

BTW,  "Ministry of Information Industry" sounds rather Orwellian. As 
good a name as any to call Clinton's newest police state idea, the 
formation of a cybercadet ROTC to fight online terrorists or other 

Regards,  Matt-

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